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Welcome to

This is not a monitor or a blog. But, many people find my site a very useful tool in helping them choose a program.
I do not charge admins to list their program on my site nor do I sell banner space. The only money I earn comes from my investment in each program and any commissions I receive from affiliate programs.
I created this website to have a place where I can list all of the Hyips and Revshare/PTC programs where I have an active investment/deposit. 
I did this because many people ask me on a daily basis where I Invest.
It may appear that I am in a lot of programs but I can assure you that each program has been selected only after close scrutiny. Every program listed on my site contains an active investment made by using my own funds. 
Please remember, just because a program is listed on my site does not mean that I would suggest you make an investment in it. I  analyzed each program BEFORE I join and again before making a reinvestment.

 Good luck to you if you decide to invest in any program listed here and always remember the golden rule. Absolutely, do not risk more than you can afford to lose. 

Mid Term Plans: Investment Period is from 15 Days to 60 Days.
Long Term Plans: Investment Period is 60 Days and Longer.
Piggy Bank Plans: Investment Period is "Forever"
Investor can withdrawal his principal or a portion of it at any time with a fee. (Fee is usually from 5% to 10%) Typical life expectancy is from 1 day to 150 days.
Short Term Plans: Investment Period is from 0 Day to 15 Days.
Life expectancy varies greatly . From 0 Days to 150 Days
These Plans are the riskiest of all investment plans. Most Short Term Hyips are A1D (After 1 Day) and often do not pay longer than 7 days. This is a result of Investor abuse and Admin mismanagement 

What is a "Sleeper"? A  Sleeper Hyip is a Hyip that not ready for the masses. This is a well known tactic used to make investors think that the said Hyip has been runnning for a long time once the final plans and design are added. Most sleepers pay a lower ROI and have no design at all. Just the Gold Coders, default orange.

These programs do not look attractive and this is intentional. Admins generally don't want many investors during this phase which typically last between 30 and 300 days.

Each additional investor is an added expense to the admin. (Investors need to be paid). Be very careful when joining a sleeper. Unfortunately a cheap admin can launch a program that looks like a sleeper but is really just intended to be a fast scam. Skill and knowledge is needed to chose the right ones.

The Watch List

(Programs in "The Watch List" are programs where I have joined but I'm not ready to make an Investment quite yet. If things proceed as expecd, something will change and I will invest and move each program to it's rightful catagory.)

The Skip List

(Programs in "The Skip List" are programs that I have Investigated and decided  are NOT worth the Risk.

Sometimes I am wrong so i will not give details as to why I skipped these programs in most cases. I do not wish to harm these programs. I have only decided that they are TOO Risky For ME)

The Dates...

The Date that appears next to each program is either the launch date or the date where the Hyip began to add monitors.

(Woke Up)

Not Paying

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