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RevAdBurst UPDATE:

I just wanted to post an update about RAB and my envolvement with this program. Before launch The admin asked me to be head Moderator at the RAB Forum.

Based on my experience with this adminin his previous program Advertzer I agreed. Up to this point the admin had conducted himself in an honest and profecinal manner and I felt like RAB would be a great long lasting program where everyone could make a nice profit.

Well. Seems the problems started very early as the way the program eas structured it was a Scammer/Cheaters wet dreeam.

The admin did not indentify this or do enough to change things fast enough and MASSIVE amounts of money was quickly paid out instantly to many scammers and cheats. This created serious cash flow concerns which if handled correctly and promptly could have been resolved. From my perspective I have seen the admin do MANY things that do not fix the problems. They only make them worse.

It has been nearly a week since the admin has replied to any of the mods that are trying to help the other members.

For this reason There is NOTHING I or any other mod can do to really help the members. We do not have access to member accounts.

I cannot tell anyone what will come next, i cannot say if you will be paid to Bitcoin, Payeer or Okpay in the future. i cannot say if your pending withdrawals will ever be processed.

All i know is that right now Withdrawals to Payza and STP are instant to most members. It looks like the admin has disbled withdrawals to members that have withdrawn substantially more than they deposited. (I am not one of those).

I'm very sorry to hear if you deposited with something other than STP or Payza. it looks like you will be at loss.

From this moment on I will not be answering support related questions for RAB. I have no answers for anyone so I see no point any longer. 




Woody Balto


Update: Admin is now paying selectively to STP. It seems he has disabled withdrawals to many members including myself and fellow Mod Gingersnap.

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