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Revshare Programs Overview...

This is just a quick explanation of how a Revshare works. I'll be adding to this page as More things come to mind or if i'm corrected by someone that knows more than I do.

1st thing to understand is a Revshare is NOT a Hyip and you will not have much success if you try to use the same strategy in a Revshare that you would a Hyip.
In general, Revshares are run by admins that are NOT as greedy as Hyip admins and there are fewer scammers that run Revshares. This means that Revshare players have more trust in the admin. You must have some trust because to earn big in a Revshare you must REPURCHASE. And REPURCHASE often.

Now, Not all Revshares are the same. Some have a forced repurchase rule. This will vary from 10% to as much as 70%.
I'm not a big fan of being forced to do anything. So it's rare that I will join a program that has a repurchase rule over 30%
I prefer to do my own 100% repurchasing when I want to do it. Many Revshare players will also repurchase 100% for some period of time regardless of the repurchase rule.

Simple explanation that covers all Revshares.
You pay a fixed $ amount for 1 Ad Pack.
You keep earning the advertised amount until either,
1. Deposits stop coming in so there is No Revenue to share with Members or
2. You have earned the maximum amount of $ on your Ad Pack and it expires and you are done.
Some (Not All) Revshares require you to view (surf) a pre defined number of ads daily to qualify for your daily earnings.

Advertising. Nearly ALL Revshares are selling you Advertising. This is what you get when you buy an Ad pack. You can (but are not required to) use your advertising credits to promote anything you like. Most members will promote their other programs where they invest. And then this can count as additional earnings for you if someone joines from your advertised ref link in that program.

All Revshares offer referral commission. Usually this is higher than what you see in Hyips. 10% 1 level is very common and this makes it very attractive to promoters.This also makes it worth the effort of the regular member who might not normally try to find others to join under him. 

Here a examples of types of Revshares...

True Revshare:

This means that your earnings are a percentage of the revenue that the program receives. This can be distributed in real time, every 30 min, every hour or daily depending on what the admin has set. While a TRUE REVSHARE can be the most lucrative in the shortest amount of time they are also the riskiest.
A True Revshare is also the only type of Revshare where it's Extremely important that you make your deposit the moment the site launches as you earnings will come very fast as others spend AFTER you. I'm not gonna go into more detail about this type right now as they are out of fashion right now and not many are being launched lately.

Capped Revshare:
A Capped Revshare is like a True Revshare except you are not receiving TRUE percentage of earnings. The admin will place a CAP on the total amount he will share with members on a daily basis. These earnings can still be distributed like explained above but you will not earn more than the Daily Capped Amount. 
Example:  Adbrook pays a variable rate. Capped at 5% but Min. 3% no matter how much revenue comes in no member will earn more than 5% for that day nor will they earn less than 3%. This way, the admin can keep money in reserves and pay out a lesser amount daily for a longer period of time. Adbrook also has a repurchase rule. I beleive it's 20%


Fixed Earnings Revshare:

This type is more like a Hyip.

Earnings are pre defined and once you have earned the maximum on your Ad Pack it will expire. Think of this as a Hyip with Principal Included Plan.

Example: In this one, if you buy a Standard Ad pack you earn 0.10% Hourly. 2.40% Daily! until you have earned 120%. HAP has a 10% repurchase rule. Each time you request a withdrawal. 10% goes to your repurchase balance. Once you have $5.00 in that wallet you can buy another Ad Pack and repeat the cycle. Think of it like Compounding.


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